Transformational Coaching and Healing Bodywork


Erin has been a Certified Rolfer since 2011. Her passion for the body comes from her background as a dancer and a lover of movement. When she received her first 10-series of Rolfing sessions, she noticed areas of chronic tension and pain began to shift and soften, often within the course of just one session. As this process unfolded, she found the shifting began to transform other aspects of her life as well.  Erin made the transition from a more traditional career in higher education into Rolfing in order to facilitate change in this way for others. 

In furthering her studies, she found Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy as a complement to working in a gentle but profound way with chronic nervous system tension. She received training at the Colorado School of Energy Studies and has been a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist since 2016.

Erin is passionate about working with the mind to influence the body, and utilizes tools both in sessions and as take-home resources for clients to cultivate an enhanced mind/body connection.